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Fire Codes & Requirements

Local Codes (web site for county):

For ALL Chatham County Codes:

For Building Construction Codes:

For Health, Safety, and Sanitation Codes:

Burn Requirements:

Open Burning in Chatham County is governed by the Chatham County Commissioners.  Currently regulation prevents open burning unless several conditions are met:

  1. A burn permit must be obtained from the Georgia Forestry.
    They may be reached locally at (912) 748-4924.
  2. Only materials grown on the property owned by the permit holder may be burned, i.e., leaves, grass, limbs, vegetative matter.
  3. The burning of trash, processed lumber, plastics, or other waste/toxic materials is not allowed.  Owners burning these materials will be subject to the County ordinance and GA Environmental Protection Division's rules regarding environmental hazards.

You may view the actual County Code on Chatham County's Website at: