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Scheduling a School Visit?

We enjoy coming to you or you visiting us, however, there are some rules for scheduling a visit that you must follow:

  1. If you wish to schedule a visit to your school or to a fire station, please call at least two (2) weeks in advance of your desired visitation date. Our Firefighters/EMTs/Security Officers are very busy personnel and you will not be able to get your desired time, date, or station without advanced notice.
  2. Be prepared to let us know what you need. Is this simply to say “Hi” and show the fire trucks or firefighters to your group? Or do you need some fire prevention and safety training for your students or group? How many in the group and what’s the age or education level?
  3. Have a first & second choice for a date and time you would like to have us visit or for you to come and visit the fire station with your group. Some days are already scheduled and our personnel are many times on calls, participating in scheduled training, or performing regularly scheduled duties. We want to accommodate you and can with some creative scheduling. Let us know when you need us.
  4. Lastly, call our Special Operations Officer at 912-354-1011 during business hours (9am – 4pm), Monday through Friday. She will be happy to check schedules and times see what can be arranged for you. If she is not there when you call, please leave a detailed message with our front desk. SOPs Officer Best will get back in touch with you as soon as she is available

Fire Services

Southside Fire/EMS/Security currently maintains 13 Fire/EMS Stations and 1 Headquarters complex within Chatham County. Our fire response areas include those outlined on the map below. There are 15 Fire Departments in Chatham County – Southside Fire/EMS/Security manages five (5) of these departments:

Southside FD
Islands FD
Skidaway Island FD  
Montgomery FD
7th District FD  

Each of the Departments cover geographical areas and because of this our Volunteers live in your surrounding area, your community, and can respond quickly.

Currently, Southside has one hundred thirty (130) volunteers and one hundred twenty-three (123) career employees. Our HQ complex includes a 24/7 Dispatch Center, administrative offices, and our full time mechanic shop. Our emergency response fleet consists of fifty-eight (58) vehicles including a wide assortment of fire engines, ambulances, heavy & light duty rescue trucks, water tankers, aerial ladder trucks, storm response vehicles, utility service trucks, and officers’ vehicles.

Our coverage area runs from the western border of Chatham County to the Islands on the east with a total of 245 square miles and a population of 119,000. We are the only Fire and EMS service in Chatham County. And as of May of 2008, we also handle security issues and our personnel are cross-trained in security to meet GA Security Officer Standards.

Equipment Overview

Station 1, Engine1, M1, M7, Car2


Station 2, M2, Engine2

Station 3, Engine 7, Ladder 7, M3, Rescue 7


Station 4, Engine 4, Engine 4A, Rescue 4

Station 6, Engine 6, Rescue 6, Tanker 6, Air 1


Station 8, Engine 8, Ladder 8, Auxiliary 4

Station 9, Engine 9, Ladder 9


Station 10, Engine 10

Station 11


Station 12, Engine 12, M12

Station 14
Station 14, Engine 14 and 14A