EMS Services

Southside Fire EMS provides ALS ambulance service for approximately 100,000 citizens of Savannah and Chatham County Georgia. Southside has a fleet of 13 ambulances and responds to over 17,000 requests annually. We utilize Miller McCoy ambulances in Types 1 and 3 exclusively. Southside operates the only Bariatric Ambulance in South Georgia and has the capacity to transport patients up to 1000 pounds.

We provide both 911 transport services and private emergency and non-emergency transportation. We have very progressive medical protocols from our Medical Director that allow many interventions without or before contacting medical control. Much of the medical equipment exceeds what is required by the State office of EMS. Several examples are showcased.


Autovent 4000 with CPAP

The AutoVent 4000 maintains the core features of the AutoVent 2000 and 3000. Pneumatic power and hard plastic case provide a sturdy, virtually unbreakable ventilator. It has the same controls for setting the clinical parameters of BPM, Tidal Volume and Inspiratory Time, but has newly added features which include an internal demand valve, anti breath stacking, adjustable maximum airway pressure from 20 - 80 cmH2O, manual breath button, alarms and a color coded manometer gauge.

At 2.9 "x 9.6" x 6.5" and only 3.7 lbs, the AutoVent 4000 is the smallest, lightest ventilator on the market. Each AutoVent comes with the LSP Patient Valve with its bright green visual breath indicator, built-in pressure limit alarm and Intermittent Ventilation providing gas flow for spontaneous breathing patients.


Zoll M Series 12 Lead Cardiac Monitor

  • ZOLL's M Series defibrillator upgrades provide maximum performance and flexibility in every product with add-ons designed to perform to your exacting standards.
  • 12-Lead ECG is available in standard analog for fax transmission or digitally for real-time transition with virtually any available communication technology.
  • Pulse Oximetry for SpO2 measurement uses Masimo SET® signal processing technology for accurate measurements in the presence of motion, high ambient light and low perfusion and when pacing.
  • EtCO2 features Respironics® Novametrix End Tidal CO2 monitoring with interchangeable mainstream or sidestream sensor options to accommodate all patients.
  • Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) offers single, stat, or fully automated functions for optimal patient assessment no matter the circumstances. Invasive Blood Pressure (IBP) is also available.


Nonin 9847 Pulse Oximeter & Carbon Dioxide Monitor w/alarms

The Nonin 9840 Series combines proven pulse oximetry technology with reliable CO2 detection, making it an ideal monitor for patient transport and emergency use.

  • Versatile — Simultaneous or independent operation of pulse oximeter & CO2 detector
  • Proven — Used by patient transport and emergency professionals worldwide.
  • Flexible — Choice of non-alarm, apnea alarm, or full-alarm models.
  • “First Breath” Active — No warm-up required.
  • Rugged — Drop and vibration tested.
  • Easy-to-Use — Intuitive key pad.
  • Efficient — 20 hours of battery life monitoring CO2 and %SpO2; 90 hours %SpO2 only.
  • Cost-Effective — No calibration required.


Casmed 740 BP Cuff

The 740 allows you to monitor blood pressure, SpO2 and temperature for patients from neonates to adults, and provides leading-edge technology in a rugged, portable unit that weights only 3 lbs (1.4 kg).

  • Easy to use, reliable and accurate
  • Fast, accurate blood pressure readings for neonates through adults even in the most challenging situations such as high motion or low perfusion
  • Monitor SpO2 and temperature either continuously or in “spot-check” mode
  • Accurate oral temperature in just 4 seconds
  • Ideal for medical/surgical patients on pain medications including PCA pumps, for hospital or office-based endoscopy procedures, and for the EMS applications